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Outlining: Who is Your Character and What do They Want?

If you are anything like me, you want to participate in NaNoWriMo next month. You're motivated and you have a story idea that you are absolutely in love with. The only problem? You have so many different ideas in your head, but you just don't know how to fit them all together. If this is… Continue reading Outlining: Who is Your Character and What do They Want?


Why Do You Create?

As you might already know, Inktober is in full swing and NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. And as I am currently finding myself in a sort of creative rut, I supposed that you might need some more motivation as well. And so I want to ask you something: Why do you create? Why do… Continue reading Why Do You Create?


How do I Outline my Novel

Truth be told, I still haven't figured out how I like to outline my novel, as it is a process unique to every writer. However, I hope to give you some insights and tips on how you can outline your novel. To start off, I usually use a notebook to keep track of all the… Continue reading How do I Outline my Novel

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The Writer’s Guide to Creating Diverse Characters

So today I thought that we could talk about creating diverse characters, something that many people, myself included, struggle with. Well, here are some of my tips to create a wide variety of characters to make up your novel's cast. 1. Seeing Things Through Other Points of View This is a very important part of… Continue reading The Writer’s Guide to Creating Diverse Characters


Exercises for Beginner Calligraphers

To improve in anything, you need to practice with lots of repetition. I know that doing tons of repetitions can be very tedious at times, but it really works. One tedious example of repetition I definitely can relate to is pushup repetitions in  P.E. class. I think everyone can relate to that, to be honest. On… Continue reading Exercises for Beginner Calligraphers

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What Does it Mean to be Original?

After the last few weeks' posts on Plot Structure, I wanted to follow up with this post on originality. This post is for those of you that are wondering how you are supposed to create an original story that people will want to read if you are using the three-act structure. So how do you… Continue reading What Does it Mean to be Original?

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Plot Structure: The Third Act

This week, we are finishing up our Plot Structure series. To catch up on the first two acts, either visit the archives or go here for the First Act and here for the Second Act. The 3rd Plot Point So at this point, our main character is feverishly preparing for the final battle between them… Continue reading Plot Structure: The Third Act

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Calligraphy // Adding Creative Borders

Adding borders to your lettering or calligraphy can make the piece seem more alive and a lot more fun. Even just a simple circle of flowers can look absolutely amazing. But, if you really want to add some uniqueness to your art then try making your border match the theme of your calligraphy. For instance,… Continue reading Calligraphy // Adding Creative Borders

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​Plot Structure: The Second Act

Oftentimes, writers loathe the second act of their story, the middle part. Perhaps it's when they start to lose hope in their story, or perhaps it just seems like their character is roaming around endlessly in the desert that is the second act. Well, I think not. The second act is where you get to… Continue reading ​Plot Structure: The Second Act

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Plot Structure: The First Act

Today we are going to be talking about plot structure. Most people don't want to learn about plot structure but it is a crucial part in writing stories. As you might already know, the most typical way people structure their stories is by using the three act structure, the first act of which I will… Continue reading Plot Structure: The First Act