Best Apps for Beginner Artists on the Ipad Pro

There is such variety in the world of digital art; the tablet you use, the software, the stylus, etc. etc.. Personally, I started out using the Wacom Intuos Draw which I connected to my computer to start out in digital art. Although, for the past few months I have been lucky enough to be able to… Continue reading Best Apps for Beginner Artists on the Ipad Pro


Worldbuilding: Creating a Religion for Your Story Pt. 2

So this is part two of how to build a religion into your story's world. If you haven't checked out part one yet, you can do so here. The last thing that I talked about in the previous post was the characteristics of the god(s), regarding their connection with their followers and how their followers percieve… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Creating a Religion for Your Story Pt. 2

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Worldbuilding: Creating a Religion for Your Story Pt. 1

Today we are going to be talking about religion in stories, which I think is a fairly important, yet sometimes forgotten part of worldbuilding. Why Create a Religion? Why should you create a religion? It's a good question. But as writers we want our readers to feel as if the world is real and we… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Creating a Religion for Your Story Pt. 1


What Have you Accomplished this Year?

If you didn't already know, 2017 is ending soon. While most people have been using this time to brainstorm what their New Years's Resolutions, I want you to first look back on the past year. Yes, maybe you do have high hopes for 2018 and want to jump right in without a backward glance toward… Continue reading What Have you Accomplished this Year?


Wacom Intuos Draw Review

The Wacom Intuos Draw is the perfect tablet for people who are just beginning digital art and don't want to spend too much on an expensive drawing tablet. I started out drawing digitally on this tiny little device and it worked wonders. Digital art is so fun to learn and eventually make real art in.… Continue reading Wacom Intuos Draw Review

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A Brief Guide to Worldbuilding

So today I wanted to talk about world building and how you can start brainstorming the world in your story. Base it off of Real LifeMy first tip here for coming up with ideas is to do some research into times or topics that interest you. Perhaps you could base your story's world off of… Continue reading A Brief Guide to Worldbuilding

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Writing Prompt: Write a Letter

Happy Early Thanksgiving! For those of you living in the U.S.A., tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day we use to be thankful. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to try something new (again, I know). Anyways, I want you to try to write a letter expressing your gratitude. It can be to anyone, such… Continue reading Writing Prompt: Write a Letter

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Book Review: Code Name Verity (spoiler free)

So, this is something new. For me, for this blog, maybe even for you. This is actually my first time writing a book review. Of course, I have recommended many, many books to friends, but never felt that my opinion was validated enough to share with the world. Or even that I might even begin… Continue reading Book Review: Code Name Verity (spoiler free)

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Why are Villains Important?

Currently, I've been reading Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy in between reading other books. Because You Love to Hate Me is a compilation of 13 short stories featuring 13 different villains written by 13 different YA authors with ideas given by 13 influential booktubers. This book takes a look at the… Continue reading Why are Villains Important?


What is NaNoWriMo?

What is NaNoWriMo? Maybe you have heard of it before, maybe not. In fact, I hadn't heard of it since earlier this year. Anyways, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, where writers everywhere try to reach a word count goal by the end of the month of November (30 days). Most people try to… Continue reading What is NaNoWriMo?