Best Apps for Beginner Artists on the Ipad Pro

iPad Pro Digital Drawing apps.png

There is such variety in the world of digital art; the tablet you use, the software, the stylus, etc. etc.. Personally, I started out using the Wacom Intuos Draw which I connected to my computer to start out in digital art. Although, for the past few months I have been lucky enough to be able to draw with the new 10.5 Ipad Pro. I absolutely love this device and it is so much easier to draw directly on a screen rather than on a tablet. But, I have to admit when I first got my hands on the Ipad Pro I had no idea where to start. Some of my favorite artists used apps like Procreate (which I now use and love) and Adobe apps. But these apps cost money and I wanted something cheap and easy to use to start out. So here are a few apps that I have either personally used or have researched and think would be a quality app for beginners.



Yes, I know that the notes app doesn’t seem like a drawing app at all but to be honest it works pretty well when you just trying to get a feel for how the device works. Using this app was the very first thing that I did when I got my Ipad. It doesn’t support pen pressure so it isn’t very good for ink work or sketching but it is a really good place to start. The reason think this is such a great first app is that it is already downloaded on the Ipad Pro! Personally, I am a very impatient person when it comes to technology so setting up the whole Ipad and doing all the “techy” stuff was draining. So after I had completed everything I just really wanted to draw. That’s why I went straight to the Notes app, whipped out my apple pencil and got to work.

This app really isn’t a permanent solution because it’s meant for notes, hence the name “Notes” and not for drawing. I recommend using Notes for maybe an hour depending on how long it takes you to become accustomed to the feel of the apple pen. After you get comfortable, try checking out an actual drawing app that will give you some really nifty results…

MediBang (for the Ipad)


After I moved on from using the Notes app I started using Medibang. To be honest, I’ve been using Medibang ever since that point. This app is absolutely amazing for sketching and making comics. It has different controls that allow you to make the boxes for comics very quickly if you like that sort of thing. Most people use this app for drawing anime but it can be used for any sort of art. I personally use this app for sketching (cause the pencils amazing) and then I ink and color it in procreate.

Adobe Sketch and Draw


A lot of different people recommend this app to me when I said that I got an Ipad Pro. This app works for people who like a minimalist setup when they draw. Adobe Sketch and draw are both great apps and are used by plenty of professionals. The great thing about them is that both apps are free.


Astropad is a really cool app that connects your computer to your Ipad. This is great for the people who had previous experience in digital art and have used different computer programs or found one that they use and love. This app supports a custom pressure curve that was specifically designed for the Apple Pencil which is a huge plus for artists. This app does cost $30 so it is more for a person who is very loyal to a certain art software that is only found on a computer.


Those are some of my picks for apps on the Ipad Pro for beginners. If you’d like some other apps to try out, try…

  • Artrage ($5)
  • SketchBook by Autodesk
  • Graphic ($9)
  • Inspire Pro ($8)
  • Assembly
  • Sketch Club ($3)
  • Brushes Redux





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