Worldbuilding: Creating a Religion for Your Story Pt. 2

Worldbuilding_ Religion pt 2.png

So this is part two of how to build a religion into your story’s world. If you haven’t checked out part one yet, you can do so here.

The last thing that I talked about in the previous post was the characteristics of the god(s), regarding their connection with their followers and how their followers percieve them. Here, I’m going to talk about how your characters might worship their god(s) as well as the effect this worship might have on other parts of their world.

How do people worship their god(s)?

By this, I mean what traditions or rituals do these people have in place that they to to worship their god(s)? When pondering this, you may also want to consider why these traditions cropped up in the first place, the importance of carrying out these rituals (such as, will it be a major offense if someone forgets something in the ritual?), as well as any symbolism that is included in the ritual (such as certain paintings or religious icons).

Another very important thing to consider is the kinds of values or morals taught and encouraged in that specific religion. This is important because it will affect how worshippers view certain topics and depending on the government’s reliance on this religion, may affect the rules of that area. And on another note, you will also want to consider how much of the population is part of this religion. Is this religion fairly small and keeps to itself or is most of the population part of this belief system and are?

Religious Institutions

This topic still touches on many of the things I just mentioned but the main idea behind this is the question of how organized their beliefs and belief system are, which could be affected depending on how new/old their religion is.

One example would be where they worship. Do they worship at a certain building or in their homes? If they worship in a separate building, what is that place or worship called? Is there anything you are not allowed to do or say in said building? Do they have a head to their religion like the Catholics have the Pope?

And some more questions: How do they worship? How often do they worship? And on this worship part, one last thing to consider: Are there any special days in this religion that are celebrated? (Such as Christmas or Passover. And an extention to this question would be whether the government recognizes this as a holiday and if people get off of work/school for this holiday)

Religion in Daily Life

The main thing here might be using allusions to religious texts in daily conversation, such as in metaphors or similes. Such as in the Bible, Moses and his freeing of the slaves are often alluded to, especially when talking about things such as the slavery in America.


The history of the religion can also be important. And by this I don’t just mean the founder, I mean religious wars or scandals involving said religion. Also, is the history pertaining to this religion taught in school or is it something taught just as a part of the religious teachings?

Furthermore, you may want to consider how things in the past involving this religion may affect what goes on in that religious community currently.

I hope you enjoyed this last part of going over how to create a religion when worldbuilding, I hope it helped.



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