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A Brief Guide to Worldbuilding

A brief guide to worldbuilding.png

So today I wanted to talk about world building and how you can start brainstorming the world in your story.

Base it off of Real Life

My first tip here for coming up with ideas is to do some research into times or topics that interest you. Perhaps you could base your story’s world off of that. For example, George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series, based his books’ world off of the War of the Roses.

Furthermore, basing your world off of real life will make it easier to write and understand the scenery as it won’t be something too foreign to you or your readers; such as how describing the flavor of a strawberry is much easier than describing the flavor, look, and texture of an unfamiliar food.

What is the Origin Story or other myths related to the topic?

To be honest, this is my favorite part of creating worlds. The question of how it came to be in the first place. What I mean by creation story and other myths are:

  • How do the people explain their existence, the world around them? (Like the book of Genesis in the Bible)
  • What are some common stories or sayings that pretty much everyone knows? (Like the Odyssey or Fairy Tales)

These are the two most important questions, as they dictate the religion(s) of your world’s culture, not to mention possible opportunities for swear words and idioms.

What is Daily Life like?

While the last question did address some of the overall basics of what your story’s world is like, asking yourself this question fills in the details, such as what kind of jobs they have, what ideals are important to their society, as well as how do they treat their children and how do they prepare them for inheriting their world?

How similar is it to our society now?

This is another great question to ask when world building. This can help you organize what you need to research as well as recognizing what it is you already know and how you can apply it to your writing. Some examples of this may include;

  • Do people in that world also have pets?
  • Are they human?
  • What do they eat?
  • What is their currency?

This was meant to be a brief guide, something that I hope to go more in depth at another time. For those of you wrapping up NaNo: Great job!You are almost there! Please comment below with any questions or suggestions for future posts



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