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Book Review: Code Name Verity (spoiler free)

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So, this is something new. For me, for this blog, maybe even for you. This is actually my first time writing a book review. Of course, I have recommended many, many books to friends, but never felt that my opinion was validated enough to share with the world. Or even that I might even begin to describle to feeling of euphoria I feel when something great happens in the book or when I finish it. So here is my first go. Feel free to leave comments on whether you have read the book or not, ir you liked my review, or if you have any tips for me when reviewing books. Also, there are NO spoilers ahead.

Title: “Code Name Verity” by Elizabeth Wein

Genre: Historical Fiction

Summary: This book takes place in the late fall/winter of 1943. The story is about a Scottish spy and her best friend, a British pilot, and their time spent in Nazi-occupied France.

Rating: 4.5/5

Main Themes: Courage and friendship

What I didn’t really like:

To be honest, I really fell in love with this book. The only complaints that I would have woule be more towards the beginning of the story. The story starts of slow and can be a bit confusing, but I encourage you to read on as the action starts to pick up. For me, as someone who has not studied WWII as extensively as the author, some of the technical terms were a bit confusing for me, though they did add a realistic touch to the piece. Lastly, the main thing that I didn’t like was having to get used to diary-style writing, which is how the entire book is written.

What I liked:

Now that I’ve already mentioned a few of the things that I didn’t like, I can go more into how I got used to them as the story went on. Right off the bat, I really liked how it was a historical fiction as I tend to like that genre. Another thing that I liked was how it was written diary-style. (But Madeline, you just said…) Yes, yes, I know what I said. I said that it took some getting used to. What I really liked about it being written diary-style is how you get to experience the character’s personality for yourself and you get to see the character’s perspective of her friendship with her best friend, which leads me to my next point. I love ships, I really do, but sometimes it’s nice to see a friendship be one of the main focuses of a YA novel. Another thing that I love in books is seeing how all the different parts the author has laid out for you connect. This happens in “Code Name Verity”, and I really appreciated, small though it may be. Lastly, I liked how this book portrayed the part the women had in the war and it gave a look into a part of the war that most have never heard of before (me included).

Well, I hope you enjoyed my very first book review. Please leave any advice or feedback in the comments!




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