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20 Questions to Help you go from Character to Plot

20 Questions to help you go from Character to Plot.png

Maybe you have your character all filled out, you know what they like and dislike, what a regular day looks like for them. Maybe even what they like to eat for breakfast, if they like to play foosball, or if they are vegetarian. But interesting as you character might me, you still don’t know how to get a plot out of them. Well, I’m here to help with twenty questions to think on to come up with a plot for your story.

After answering these questions, I recommend checking out my Plot Structure series. (Go to the first act, the second act, or the third act)

Twenty Questions:

  1. Who is your character?
  2. How does their world need to change?
  3. What is missing from your character’s life?
  4. What does your character want/need? (Their goal)
  5. Why do they want/need it?
  6. What happens if they don’t get what they want/need?
  7. How do they go about getting it?
  8. Where do they go / What do they do?
  9. What sets them off on their journey? (Key event)
  10. How is their life not forever changed (1st plot point)
  11. How do they react to their changed situation? (1st half of the second act)
  12. What shorter term goals do they now have? What else do they have to take care of? (1st half of the second act)
  13. Who/What gets in their way? How? (Midpoint)
  14. How does your character act in the face of this opposition?
  15. What is the character doing wrong?
  16. What forces them to make this realization? (Midpoint)
  17. How do they overcome the opposition? (The Climax)
  18. How do they solve their inner demons? (Climax)
  19. What have they gained/lost? (Resolution)
  20. How has their world changed (Resolution)

Please note that these questions do not fill in the details of the plot but instead provide a general framework for you to fill in.

I really hope that you enjoyed this as I put in quite a bit more time and effort to present this to you. Comment below if you plan on participating in NaNoWriMo.



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