Why Do You Create?

Why Do you create?

As you might already know, Inktober is in full swing and NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. And as I am currently finding myself in a sort of creative rut, I supposed that you might need some more motivation as well. And so I want to ask you something: Why do you create?

Why do you create? What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning and whispers to you throughout the day, compelling you to create? Now, I am honestly hoping that the reason isn’t money. Well, at least not only the lure of money. Because if you are only interested in making money, I’m sure that there are far better career choices for you. Anyway, what is it that makes you passionate about how you express yourself?

Perhaps you just like the freedom that the self-expression gives you: the elation of paint smearing across the canvas, of words flowing out so fast your fingers can hardly keep up.  Maybe it is the only place where you get to just be you.

Or maybe you have a message that you just cannot contain within yourself, and your art is your way of expressing it; whether that be a message about society shared through song or a reassuring message of love woven into a knitted blanket. Whatever the message, art is your way of sharing it.

Or maybe your art your way of saying thank you. That longing to be able to change someone’s life with a single story, drawing, song, or anything that you made with love. With passion.

The word passion comes from Latin pati, which means “suffer”. And this is true. We do suffer, we suffer from creative blocks, vulnerability, and sometimes the belittlement of others. But I want to tell you that is it worth it. It is worth it because you love it, you would feel empty without it. And others would then not be able to experience it. For art is not a selfish thing that we make for ourselves. It is something that needs to be shared.

I hope that this post gave you that bit of motivation that you needed today. Please comment if you liked this post as it was me trying something a bit different. Also, share what your reasons for creating are.



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