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5 Tips to Finding Inspiration

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I get it. You’re sitting there, the dreaded blank page before you. What to create? Well, here are my 5 tips to finding inspiration. And this isn’t just for writers, all you other artists out there can use this as well.

1. New Experiences

Oftentimes, when I spent too much time just doing the same things everyday, I run out of ideas. I feel that this is because I’m not experiencing anything new. I’m not meeting new people with interesting personalities or watching something that might just give me that little seed of inspiration that has the potential to grow into a story.

So look back on your week so far, have you done anything out of your typical schedule? It could even just be getting out of the house to meet with friends. If not, then try doing something different today and comment below if you discovered any new ideas that you feel are worth time and effort.

2. Make it a Habit

When I say to ‘Make it a Habit’ I mean that you should try to come up with a number of ideas everyday. I got the idea from this blog post. The gist of it is that the imagination is like a muscle and that you should exercise and stretch it everyday…even if you come up with a ton of what you might consider terrible ideas.

3. Create Everyday

I’m not sure about you but whenever I read or watch something on creating, whether it be writing or drawing, it is almost always mentioned that you should try to create everyday. So why is this? Well, if you set the goal to create everyday, it prioritizes your need to create and can also help you improve your skills much faster through consistent practice. Now, all you painters out there, keep in mind that you don’t have to paint a masterpiece everyday. That will quickly tire you out and perhaps even make painting something that you dread rather than look forward to doing. Instead, try doing some studies on different objects and parts of the body. Focusing on a smaller subject like this will allow you to direct more of your attention to it rather than focusing on many different things at once.Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.

4. Create like Nobody is Watching

Recently I’ve noticed that it is easier for me to write than draw. This has mainly been because I judge my drawings a lot more harshly than I judge my writing. (Perhaps it’s because I expect miracles to happen in the editing phase.) I think the main reason why this is is because for me there is a lot more opportunity for someone to just look over and see how terrible my drawing is, which then constricts me to try to draw better which never really works out. But when I write, I’m not really as afraid of the fact that my writing will be bad because I know that no one will ever have to see the crappy first draft because all they will be seeing is the polished final version.

So once you know what to create, try not to judge yourself and just get all the ideas out so that later you can go back to organize and refine those ideas.

5. Be Openminded

And that brings me to my next point. Be openminded. Sometimes an idea will just waltz into our head, just to be shut out because it wasn’t ‘good enough’. Well, try writing the idea down anyway and try to figure out why is isn’t ‘good enough.’ Because if it just isn’t ‘big’ enough, you can always try mixing it with another idea to create something even better. By staying openminded, you open yourself to a whole ocean of ideas that you had previously been blocking out.

I hope this post helped you find some ideas. Please comment below which one worked out best for you.



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