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Plot Structure: The First Act

Today we are going to be talking about plot structure. Most people don't want to learn about plot structure but it is a crucial part in writing stories. As you might already know, the most typical way people structure their stories is by using the three act structure, the first act of which I will… Continue reading Plot Structure: The First Act

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5 Tips to Finding Inspiration

I get it. You're sitting there, the dreaded blank page before you. What to create? Well, here are my 5 tips to finding inspiration. And this isn't just for writers, all you other artists out there can use this as well. 1. New Experiences Oftentimes, when I spent too much time just doing the same… Continue reading 5 Tips to Finding Inspiration

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Theme in your Story: Characters

So last week I talked about the differences between topic and theme as well as why theme is so important in written works. This week I am going to be talking about how your story's theme pertains to creating the characters in your story. As writers, the most important thing when writing characters is to… Continue reading Theme in your Story: Characters

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Why are my “Baby Plants” Dying so Quickly?

When I say "baby plants" I obviously mean seedlings. When I first had the idea of creating my own garden I did what any person would do. I got a bag of vegetable and/or flower seeds. Without any knowledge of how to grow plants, people tend to blindly stick their seeds into a pot of… Continue reading Why are my “Baby Plants” Dying so Quickly?

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Theme in Your Story: Topic vs Theme

One of the aspects of story that is not often discussed is theme. So I will be going over what theme's part in your story is in this post series: Theme in Your Story. The topic that I will be going over today is in fact the differences between topic and theme. What is a… Continue reading Theme in Your Story: Topic vs Theme

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5 Tips on Writing Setting

Oftentimes, we neglect our story's setting. Instead, we trade it for more interesting characters or more tension the story's plot. Amidst all the things that your story needs, your story needs a realistic setting. And please let it be noted that I in no way mean that your story has to stay within the boundaries… Continue reading 5 Tips on Writing Setting