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3 Game-Changing Tips for Newbie Gardeners

Copy of Copy of Wolves & Ravens.pngI have not had my garden for very long, maybe a few good months. But my plants are literally my children.

When I started gardening at the beginning of this year, my goal was to simply beautify the lump of dirt sitting outside my screen door. The area that is now my garden used to be the dark scary place I knew I would never venture into. Every house has that area in their yard that is made simply for storage and is completely infested with spiders and pincher-bugs… Whenever I went back there I made sure that I was covered head to toe. Even if it was in the middle of summer.

Ok, I am getting a little off topic, but the point is, you can make a garden anywhere. In your yard, on your patio, in your kitchen, in your room, and in pretty much all the other rooms and outdoor spaces that you consider “part of your home.” Let’s say you don’t have a backyard or patio. Great! You can design a beautiful indoor jungle to liven up your space. Or, you could start out simple and care for only a few plants. Whatever works for you and your space. So, newbies, without further ado…

Tip 1} OUTDOORS // Garden in Containers

When working outdoors, the easiest way to start, in my opinion, is to begin container gardening. I love who ever invented the container garden because it is SO convenient. It’s really easy too. Simply get a container with drainage (remember, research what you’re growing so you know what size pot it needs. They could also be vining plants so research!), put in your soil, put in your plants (research about the spacing you should have for your plant), and done! In maybe five or ten minutes you can give your plant a beautiful new outdoor home. One more thing about container gardening: it works for all spaces. Especially tight, small, and difficult spaces that are hard to work with.

Tip 2} INDOORS // Get Succulents

Succulents, to me, are like the Google self-driving cars in Palo Alto. They are everywhere. Everywhere on social media, everywhere in garden nurseries, and everywhere in people’s houses. But who can blame them? Succulents are really cute, sometimes deadly, but in the most adorable way possible. I started out with maybe… five succulents to put in my room and in my tiny yard and absolutely adore them. If I tried to kill, which I haven’t, my succulents won’t die. If you are a newbie, beginner, black-thumb, plant killer; get a succulent right now. The vast diversity of succulents is completely incredible. They range from spiky cactuses to beautiful rosette shape succulents, to spiky cactuses that bloom rosette shaped flowers…. They are absolutely mind-blowing for nature loving freaks like me and apparently the rest of the world. Succulents are so extremely popular because one, they are so freaking beautiful and two, because they soak up water and retain it which basically makes them immortal. In conclusion, if you are reading this you are probably a beginner so do yourself a favor and get a succulent.

Tip 3} INDOORS & OUTDOORS // Don’t Overwater

Most of the poor, innocent plants that die at the hands of their caretakers are victims of overwatering. Most people are afraid that they are going to starve their plant and just keep watering it. Don’t be that person! First off, you can help prevent your plant from drowning by making sure there is drainage in what ever you’re gardening in. If you don’t use draining containers or planters then there is no way for the excess water to escape. In other words, a pool of water begins to form at the bottom of your container, drowning your poor plant. When something like this happens their roots will rot, their leaves will yellow and wilt, the soil will eventually show tints of green from algae growth, and any other disturbing thing that can happen in a garden will happen. All of this eventually leading to the plant-parent tossing the plant and complaining to their friends that they were positive they gave it enough water. Rather, most plants prefer to be watered once their soil is dry. If you aren’t sure if you are giving the right amount of water, doing a little research on that plant won’t hurt.

Tip 4} OUTDOORS // Consider your Space

When you’re working outdoors, a major thing you have to consider is space. When I started researching, I didn’t find any good info about how to garden in long, skinny outdoor areas full of rock-hard clay soil. If you have any previous knowledge about gardening, you would know that my situation wasn’t ideal for a beginner in this sport. Keep the shape of your space (square-ish, rounded, long, wide, thin, etc…) and the size (large, medium, small, tiny, extremely tiny) in mind.

With lots of love, any plant will thrive. Always make sure to research your plant so you know what you’re getting into. I believe that a plant, being a living creature, should be treated correctly. Try watching “What Plants Talk About,” a documentary by PBS Nature if you want to see the intelligence of plants for yourself. I have already confessed I am a nature geek, so this recommendation shouldn’t surprise you. Do not underestimate these sneaky little beings.



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