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3 Ways to Help you Escape your Art Block

Copy of Wolves & Ravens Original.png

Uuugghh….. art block. Any artist has experienced art block before and knows how difficult it is to overcome. I struggle with art block all the time but have picked up a few tips that really help me get rid of it.

 1) Use the Internet!!

I absolutely love watching other artists on youtube. Which is why it is my go-to place when I am in an art block. Using the internet to watch videos or look up your favorite artist’s newest work is the best remedy for an ongoing case of art block. If that does not work out for you, simply search something that makes you happy or that you feel very comfortable drawing. In my case, I like looking-up cool pose references, weird out-of-this-world creatures, or fan art (of course). Out of the images and videos you see, one may catch your eye and open a whole new world of ideas. Sometimes its simply finding a new artist that has a completely different style than you. All you need to do is find an inspiration that makes you want to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

2) Draw Things in your Comfort-Zone

I know that this “art block tip” is conflicting with my previous one but, it is just as effective. It is simply your choice on which path to take first.

When I say “drawing in your comfort zone” I do not  mean drawing the same exact thing again and again. Rather, try to improve on what you already know. If you are spectacular at drawing people, trying drawing multiple people in different poses. Another option would be to draw someone from a unique background. Building upon your present knowledge just prepares you for when you hit your next big idea. Enhancing your skills helps you to become a better artist and make more and more impressive artwork. On the other hand, if you are just a beginner who doesn’t do a lot of finished pieces, try something new and plan a full piece from start to finish. Drawing in your comfort zone is not a bad thing, you just need to focus more on improving rather than drawing the same thing repeatedly.

3) Go Outside

I know that there are many artists who would definitely like to stay indoors. But seeing the world and taking pictures of different things will inspire you. Personally, I absolutely love taking pictures of things outside that I would like to draw later-on. Yes, I know it be kinda weird taking pictures of crowds or people’s outfits, but that is what I like to draw so don’t judge. If you are a person who loves to draw birds or nature (also me), take pictures  of those things instead. I can assure you that a reference picture you take by your own hand will be better than any one that you see online. My final word on this is to just go be free! Ignore the haters and just go do what you love to do.

I truly hope that these tips help you on your way to getting rid of that horrible art block. I know how incredibly annoying it can be. If you would like to see your art featured at the bottom of one of my blog posts, please email me them!

– Raven


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